How to Conquer the “BIG 3” Private Money Fears In this video training, I break down the “BIG 3” private money fears and give you practical strategies to conquer ’em once and for all. These fears stand in your way to successfully implementing the proven PMBP private money process… and I want you to know that… YOU’RE NOT ALONE! We ALL must face these fears… but while most people allow themselves to become immobilized… others use little techniques and tricks to face them head on. Watch the video and learn how to conquer the “BIG 3” today.

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    1. Hey man, thanks for the question. Depends… really depends on the lender, the deal, their goals, my goals, etc. I don’t like to have a “set rate”… it really depends on what makes sense for a specific deal. But, as a guideline… anywhere between 5% on the low end… to 12% on the high end. If a lender is happy as heck at 8% (or 6%) and it works for your #’s… go w/ that. If your numbers give you room to go up to 10%… offer 8% so you have a bit of room.

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