Privately Offered Owner Financed Homes In Austin Hi, I’m Marshall Saleman, co-founder and Managing Partner of Home Options Made Easy. Feel free to connect with me on my personal and business pages on Facebook and twitter so we can get to know each other better. I wanted to make a quick 2-3 minute video about Owner Financed Homes In Austin and the types of inventory available Here at Home Options Made Easy there are many different ways we locate owner financed homes in Austin and the surrounding area’s in this video, I wanted to explain one of our Avenues, which are privately offered owner Financed Homes. Privately offered owner finance homes, are not available to the general public, through years of networking, and assisting our clients obtaining home ownership, through creative means, we have built relationships with sellers offering owner financing and their properties are available on our website Owner Financed Homes in Austin are also publicly listed, which you will find on our site and we have other strategies at our disposal to locate the right home for you, We also offer the ability for you to run searches for homes, right from our website, But most importantly, we are here to protect your interests in your next purchase, and be your guide and council thru the entire process, we specialize in creative solutions for our clients As you research different companies that will assist you in your next purchase, identify what you are looking for specifically in a company, It could

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