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Rent To Own Houston – The Truth Here’s a question that I ask people that are shopping for a home that is rent to own in Houston, or offered with seller financing. Why do you think that the seller is offering their home as a Rent To Own, or offering seller financing in Houston. This is a very important question. Because the answer is critical to your financial health. Let me give you three kinds of sellers 1) Some body that has had a bad run of luck and needs to sell their home. 2) Somebody that tried to sell their home on the traditional MLS market and the home did not sell. 3) Investors sell like this because they can sell the homes for a higher price. There may be other situations where a seller would sell their home “Rent to own Houston” or with “seller financing” but I think you will agree that these three scenarios represent the majority of opportunities. So lets take these one at a time. #1) This can be an opportunity. The poor seller has had some kind of financial trauma and they need to sell. You show up at just the right time, offer to take over their payments give them some moving money, and they are out of there. This could be a real opportunity, the problem is that there are not very many of these opportunities available. #2) In this situation the seller has a home that was either over priced or in poor condition. They have been on the MLS for over six months, and nobody has found their home to be worth what they were asking. The

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