Side Effects Season 3 Ep. 2 of 4

Watch all of Side Effects on iTunes! – The Connolly family gets back from their road trip to discover they’re being evicted. As they pack up their house Meg’s musical…

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    22 thoughts on “Side Effects Season 3 Ep. 2 of 4”

    1. As much as I love this show it is so unfair that if you live in the USA you
      get to just watch it all but everyone else has to wait. Part of youtube is
      that it’s international and that it’s a place where everyone gets the same
      level of content no matter what country they live in. Things like this
      really annoy me ugh. There must be a way that I can watch it all in the uk,
      right? Because I can’t even pay for it on iTunes over here and it’s not on
      the app.

    2. Shouldn’t Meghan be credited as Meghan Reinks not Meghan Rosette (and Arden
      to)? I mean she is an actress, you should be using her real name not her

    3. I feel like rather than a tv show like everyone’s suggesting, this would do
      really well as a movie. Especially if it had less songs that are other
      artists’ and more original songs. 

    4. When Lexi jumped out of the car and started taking off her earrings I was
      like, “Yes! This is what I’ve been waiting for. Shit’s bout to go down!”

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