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How do you buy a foreclosure?

I noticed a townhome I liked that is going to be sold at auction in October because they haven’t paid taxes and owe ,000. That’s the only information given. I know the homes there go for about 90k. Is there a chance I can get it for cheap? Would I have to pay the owed taxes? Their mortgage? I’m just curious how it all works. Thanks!

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    How to buy foreclosure properties?

    Can I walk into a bank and tell them I am ready to buy- make me a deal or do I have to go to an auction via listings or get an agent? I would like something in NJ although aren’t the real bargains in Detroit and Ohio and places like that?

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    If I get preapproved with Fannie Mae, can I buy a foreclosure? If yes, can I buy it from an auction?

    I’m located in Georgia, and I want to buy a foreclosure. If I get preapproved through a Fannie Mae lender can I buy at an auction or do I need to use a realtor? Also, can I get rehab money included in the loan (that is if the house is less than my approval amount)?


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    Is it illegal for me to buy a foreclosure property in public auction if the house was owned by my parents?

    My parents lost their house due to foreclosure. They currently live in it and I assume once the foreclosure goes through, they will be kicked out.

    My question is..

    How many days after the house is sold to the new owner in the auction will they have till eviction?

    And if I were to buy the property at the auction, would there be any problems since I am the son of the original owners that foreclosed on the property?

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