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Seller Financing Your Home in Austin Texas

You can sell your home quickly with a powerful strategy called seller financing. Whether you’re having a difficult time selling, job transfer, need your mortgage payments covered or you’re tired of being a landlord, seller financing is the smartest strategy to sell your home quickly in the Texas market. Learn more here: www.effectiverealtysolutions.com

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    Austin Owner Finance | Owner Financing Specialists In Austin Texas

    Austin Owner Finance | Owner Financing Specialists In Austin Texas – www.brickhomepartners.com Austin Owner Finance: Making home ownership a reality! In today’s housing market, it is a great time for a buyer to purchase a home for sale at a great price. If you are able to buy a home but don’t qualify for a traditional mortgage, there is an abundance of opportunities in creative financing. With the recent catastrophe in sub-prime mortgage lending, the collapse in banking and insurance, and a plummeting stock market, more and more buyers who are saying, “we can buy with Austin owner finance”, are being considered. For more information visit www.brickhomepartners.com. Austin Owner Finance — What is it? Austin Owner Finance or Austin Seller Financing is a case where the buyer obtains a partial or full loan from the seller instead of a traditional lender or bank. Austin Seller finance is simple enough to understand and comes with many benefits. The seller takes on the responsibility of a lender and the buyer makes direct payments to the seller over the loan period. This option may be used if the buyer for some reason may not qualify for a traditional mortgage. Austin Owner Finance- How does it Work? This is a general outline of how owner financing functions. The seller accepts a down payment and provides a loan to the buyer directly. The details of this loan are included in a legal contract called a promissory note which promises the seller monthly payments for a fixed period

    Similar Stories