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Wendy Patton – Lease Option Simultaneous Closings

www.wendypatton.com Wendy Patton explains how simultaneous closings work in a lease option investment. Simultaneous closings are a critical step to understand for real estate investors when it comes to getting cashed out of your lease option or rent to own investment. www.wendypatton.com

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Wendy Patton explains rent to own

www.wendypatton.com Wendy Patton explains what happens with a rent to own if the appraisal is different than the agreed upon sales price. Sometimes a lease option property ends up appraising for less than the agreed upon price and Wendy explains your choices. Sometimes a rent to own property appraises for more than the agreed upon price and Wendy Patton explains then to what happens. Obviously because rent to owns take place over time the value of a property may change and it’s important for real estate investors to understand what happens if the appraisal comes in different than the agreed upon purchase price. http

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Lease Options or Rent to Owns – Working with Realtors Part 1 of 2

www.wendypatton.com learn how to find deals that can be a lease option, or rent-to-own, that are not listed as a lease option – for more information go to http

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