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How to do Lease Option Assignments Out of Town PART ONE

How to wholesale lease options out of town and hands off. Video One. Pre-Breakthrough to Wealth Series Videos www.cooperativepurchase.com

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lease option… who would pay for repairs on the property AND are taxes non-homesteaded like a rental?

I want to sell my house desperately! (my husband’s ex-wife moved in next door). Any information you could give on lease options would be appreciated. I live in Michigan

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I'm unclear about terms-do I do a LEASE OPTION or just a LEASE?? Which is the most attractive?

I own a 3900 sq. ft. commercial building on the main block of a small downtown area. The mountain town is known for it’s art and indian collectibles. Sales are soft, even if the town is popular. There are basically three blocks of stores, but I’m on the most heavy trafficked block, so it’s a plum. My question is about leasing it. Namely, what is more attractive to most? Do I simply lease it for a certain period of time–and how long? Do I do a Lease Option? Do I do a double net or a triple net?

Of course, I know all are possibilities, but I’m TOTALLY ignorant about all this and want to do what is good for me, but attractive to a potential lessee.

And how do I advertise that I’m willing to lease?? Do I use a realtor? I still have a store in the building as well, and would need two months to sell the inventory, but ONLY if I have someone committed. I am still paying a mortgage and can’t afford for the building to be empty, waiting for a lessee. Please educate me.
By the way, I’m aware that I can go to an attorney or commercial realtor. I came here because I want to hear YOUR OPINION!!!
By the way, I’m aware that I can go to an attorney or commercial realtor. I came here because I want to hear YOUR OPINION on lease options, or just leases!!!

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Lease Option – Real Estate Investing Using Lease Options

www.REIClub.com – Lease Options Are a Great Way to Invest in Real Estate. Watch This Video to Learn What a Lease Option Is and When It Makes Sense to Lease Properties With an Option to Buy. 1. What is a Lease Option * A “lease option” is really two separate but related agreements: a “lease agreement” and an “option agreement”. * Lease Agreement – standard agreement to rent a home, sets terms of lease * Option Agreement – the right to purchase the home within a specified period of time for a fixed purchase price * Unilateral agreement – Seller is obligated to sell, buyer not obligated to buy 2. Terms: * rent credits (?) – portion of each month’s rent is credited towards the sales price, small percentage of monthly rent * option consideration – upfront fee paid by tenant buyer to the seller that gives the tenant buyer the option to buy at a fixed priced during a certain period of time * sandwich lease – * assignment – “assign” the option over to another investor for a fee, they resume payments and ownership of the contract and property at time of closing/ending of option period. * sublease – you are the primary on the contract to purchase, but lease the property to a different tenant, responsibility is still yours. 3. Why lease options? Seller * Move property faster – buyers market = competition * Good way to sell when market is down * Pass small repairs onto buyer * Tenant Buyer – better maintenance of home, intention to buy Buyer * Appreciation – fixed price * Repair

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Lease Option / Rent to Own student Russ – week 4

www.wendypatton.com Wendy Patton’s Lease Option Rent to Own student Russ shares his progress. He’s only had my course for 3 weeks now and is off to a great start! Everything he is doing is taught in my course and can be done by anyone. Best of luck to you Russ! If you are interested in lease option investing or rent to own investing take a look at the free CD on my site: www.wendypatton.com

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Learn How to put $5k-10k in your bank account within the next 29 days!!

www.wendypatton.com http If you could pick up a 0000 home for 10 bucks, would you do it? Two-Day Seminar on Lease Options and Subject Tos with Wendy Patton and Kris Kirschner

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Real Estate Agents – make money in a difficult market – creative seller financing

www.wendypatton.com Real estate agents and lease option real estate investors alike will appreciate this video. Jon from New Jersey, a lease option real estate investor, talks about how Wendy Patton’s recent real estate agent training class can help real estate agents make money in down markets as well as how real estate investors can get real estate agents to work with them. http Jon has been trying to get real estate agents to help him do real estate investing deals in the past without success. Wendy Patton gave away a free script in her class that she uses to open the door to working with real estate agents that has a very high conversion rate. www.wendypatton.com

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