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Help determining how much mortgage company paid to buy a loan in pre-foreclosure?

Question for your real estate investors out there. I am aware of a property that is in pre-foreclosure. I happen to know that the mortgage on this property has been sold a number of times (I realize that this is very common in the mortgage industry). However, the company that holds the loan now is one of those last stop mortgage companies. They buy mortgages that other companies have written off as bad debt. Is there a way to find out how much this company paid when they bought the loan in question?

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LEARN WHAT ALL BANKS SELLING REOs DON”T WANT YOU TO KNOW! What if you bought an REO that you found out later you really don’t own? Lets think ahead folks and come together to stop the REO fraud from circulating.

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What should I watch out for with seller financing?

I have asked the seller to provide seller financing in order to pickup (2) properties. (I can get one with 20% down, but I don’t have the cash to pickup both.)

I want to offer 10% down on both properties, seller to finance the remaining 90%. The seller is agreeable, but they want the terms to include a 3-5 year balloon.

I’m assuming that after 3-5 years I could qualify for both mortgages (…because I would be able to claim the rental income for that length of time.)

Is there anything that I should be mindful of?

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