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More Millionaires To Come… Are You Going To Be One Of ‘Em?

www.privatemoneyblueprint.com I came across an interesting article on CNN Money and wanted to share it with you called, “The Coming Millionaire Boom.” Watch my video to see how the real estate market cycle (and the current phase we’re in) plays into this and how you can position yourself to be on of the “millionaires to come.” Enjoy – Patrick

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    Economic Visualizations

    There are some nice visualizations at http://flowingdata.com/2009/03/13/27-visualizations-and-infographics-to-understand-the-financial-crisis/ that explain some of the economic news of the past year.  Be sure to click the image to get a bigger view!

    Click here to go view some

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    Historical Housing prices

    I found this clip to be very interesting for the historical perspective.  Also implies that we have not hit the bottom on a national average. 

    I also just read that the median price of sold houses in Detroit in Dec 08 was $7500.  Here in Tulsa is was closer to $125K.

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