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Seller Financing Success Story – Bakari & Tia | Rent2ownMarket.com

rent2ownmarket.com – Offering their home for sale with Seller Financing enabled Bakari and Tia to get their home sold fast (just 14 days), and for a better price. The icing on the cake is that they paid NO real estate commissions or fees whatsoever!

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Seller Financing Success Story – Erica | Rent2ownMarket.com

rent2ownmarket.com – Offering her home for sale with Seller Financing enabled Erica to get her home sold fast, and for a better price. The icing on the cake is that she paid NO real estate commissions or fees whatsoever!

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6868 Sky Pointe #2028 — Lease Option / Rent To Own Townhome

www.tridentinvestmentsllc.com This is a great lease option townhome (aka rent to own) in fabulous Las Vegas, NV in Sky Pointe. This home is located in the NW part of Vegas at Centennial Hills. It comes with a 2 car garage and is 2 story. This home is in a gated community and has a community pool.Details of this lease option home Square feet: 1454 Bedrooms: 3 Bathrooms: 2 Garage: 2 Terms on this rent to own home: Estimated Purchase Price: 5000 Option Payment: 00 (all is applied toward purchase) Monthly Rent: 50 Rental Credit: 0 Duration: 2 year Seller Financing / Owner Financing is available. For more information and pictures go to: ifindproperties2.fmgateway.com… To learn more about lease options www.tridentinvestmentsllc.com (Trident Investments Group) Or call Kevin Dunlap at (702) 591-1784 Email Info@TridentInvestmentsLLC.com

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Seller Financing on Steroids

Owner financing is a great way to sell your property quickly for the highest possible price, but make sure you create a note worth holding or selling. Get your free copy of “Seller Financing on Steroids” and read it! notequeen.com

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Seller Financing Secrets Made Easy, Carryback Financing

Seller Financing, Real Estate, Real Estate Millions, Carrybackfinancing.com, Owner Financing, Bond For Deed, Wrap Mortgage, Wrap Around Mortgage, Foreclosures, Short Sales, Land Contracts

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The End to Seller Financing?

thereiminute.com If you haven’t heard HUD has a proposed ruling where they would like to eliminate seller financing except for those that live in the home being financed or those with a mortgage originators license. This would hurt real estate investors and home buyer’s alike. Let HUD know that you think this is a bad idea. They are taking comments on the ruling. Visit regulations.gov and search on HUD and SAFE. Got to ruling FR-5271-P-01 and leave your comments so your voice can be heard.

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Is it possible to do a 1031 exchange on a property which I plan to sell with lease-option / owner financing?

I have a property/home in which I am putting on the market. If I sell the property on a lease-option to buy or owner financing, would I still be able to do a 1031 exchange? If so, then how and when (upon signing the contract or pay-off (2 years))?

Please include details in your answer.

I can also add details if more info is needed to the question.

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