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Economic Visualizations

There are some nice visualizations at http://flowingdata.com/2009/03/13/27-visualizations-and-infographics-to-understand-the-financial-crisis/ that explain some of the economic news of the past year.  Be sure to click the image to get a bigger view!

Click here to go view some

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Historical Housing prices

I found this clip to be very interesting for the historical perspective.  Also implies that we have not hit the bottom on a national average. 

I also just read that the median price of sold houses in Detroit in Dec 08 was $7500.  Here in Tulsa is was closer to $125K.

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Bandit Signs

To use them, or not – that is the question! 

Bandit signs are those small signs that are stuck up on telephone poles or staked into the ground.  They say things like “we buy houses” or “stop foreclosure”.  The plus side seems to be that people do call in response to them.  The negative side is they are often illegal.

Tulsa, as well as other cities, have ordinances that restrict the use of signs.  Bandit signs can bring you a fine of $100/day per sign. 

The questions are:

* would you call in response to one of these signs? 

*If you use them, have you been fined?

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Hello!  This purpose of this blog is to discuss real estate investing and to highlight real estate deals that are available for sale.  If you have any interest in buying the property, please contact us!

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