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Rent To OwnTomball | What You Need To Know About Rent To Own In Tomball | Seller Financing

bit.ly Don’t Rent To Own Rent To Own may be the worst way to buy a home in Tomball. The seller is anticipating that you will not end up completing the transaction. In most cases, it is better for the seller if you end up leaving and not buying. You take care of the property like it’s your own, but you have no guidance on the steps you need to take to complete the financing. Not all Tomball Rent To Owner sellers are bad guys, its just that most of them are investors. Investors are not going to give you a great deal on the home. They will either make the price of the home higher than market, or the terms they offer will heavily favor them. How do I know, I invested in Real Estate for 5 years. I hung out with other investors. I went to the trainings, I sat and listened will the Guru’s and investor trainers explained how the best buyer of any house they own is the person that can not qualify for regular financing. Buying a home “Rent To Own in Tomball” as a consumer, from a Real Estate investor without a Realtor or someone to protect your rights is the same as a single lonely lamb going to get directions back to the flock from a pack of hungry wolves. Its not going to turn out good for the lamb. Here’s what I am suggesting, find out where you are. Most people who are looking for special financing have suffered through some kind of financial trauma; either job loss, had a health issue, or a divorce. After the financial trauma, your credit suffers some collections, and after

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