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Vena Jones Cox challenges Wendy Patton Ugly vs Pretty Houses Smackdown OREIA Convention 2010

All-Day Pre-Convention Workshops Thursday It’s the Pretty House/Ugly House Smack Down! You Choose: Big Profits Wholesaling Ugly Houses, Or Buying Pretty Houses No Money Down? Either Way—You Win! “How to Earn a 6-Figure Income Wholesaling Ugly Houses in Today’s Market” with Vena Jones-Cox The wholesaling market is alive and well—and as profitable as ever—but it has definitely changed. What worked 5 years ago simply doesn’t today, yet you can easily earn a 6-figure income wholesaling in ANY market Vena Jones-Cox wholesales nearly a deal a week using advanced strategies for finding deals, building a buyers list, and even hiring others to coordinate marketing and closings. And she’s well-known for packing her presentations with real, usable, down-to-earth details. So if you want all the real scoop on how wholesaling works, check out Vena’s all-day workshop, and learn: How to identify the right deals that sell fast to hungry cash buyers How to know ahead of time what a property will sell for, so you ALWAYS make the right offer How to legally “tie up” deals with cash, and yet never be obligated to buy them How to quickly build a buyer’s list of hundreds of cash buyers How to assign “non-assignable” contracts How to get the money you need to close when you DO need to close How to hire help for as little as .50 an hour When you need an “entity” to wholesale, and which one to get How to earn 000 a year wholesaling part time, and how to earn 0000+ wholesaling full time

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