4 thoughts on “What does a lease option mean in trucking?”

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  2. My good man, please take my advice and don’t sign a lease unless you are going to team drive I promise you going solo with a lease is a death sentence. I don’t care what the talking heads at the company tell you or show you on the chault board they are lieing. Do not lease. Congrats on getting your cdl now go find a company and drive as a company driver for 2 years your not going to make much money but you will get a paycheck, keep your record clean don’t crash into things and after two years you can pick what ever company you want and go to work making decent money. Good Luck Be Safe

  3. LEASE TO OWN = YOU LEASE THE TRUCK, THE TRUCK WILL OWN YOU. This is all you need to know for now. DON’T DO IT! These guys will tell you everything under the sun to get you to just make one of their payments. I considered doing it at one time and it is such a gamble. I figure with all my studying that the truck needs to make at least $250 a day all for itself for fuel, tolls and Preventive maintenance. There is not enough time in the day for that to happen legally. One major Breakdown will be what can end your dream and start your nightmare. I picked up a piece of metal somewhere and had a steer tire go down my fleet manager showed me the bill for that when I was telling him about about me leasing my own shit. That was over $1000 for one tire. If you needed to be towed…UGGHHHHH!!!

    In my studies on the road I once asked a Owner Operator about lease purchase and what he thought about it. He was a souther guy from NC. He looked me dead in the eye with a straight face and said to me with that soutern accent "Shit, I can sit at home and go broke. I don’t need to come out here and do it". That one line although it made me laugh it was like a subliminal hit in the back of the skull with a hollowed, lead filled baseball bat.

    You get on with the company and they will send you out for a load and leave you sitting for days waiting for a load. If the truck is not moving with shit in the back then you are slowly going bankrupt. Go youtube Truck lease purchase. Unless you are homeless and broke….stay away.

    It is just like leasing a car. You will make more money on paper but your overhead is rediculous. I am a company driver. In the past rolling year I have had 3 rolling blowouts 1 rapid deflate and 5 flats all on trailers I either picked up or had to pick up in a drop yard. The only thing it cost me was time and aggravation but I did get paid while I waited for the road service guy to show up. If that was you, you would be sitting there for maybe a 10 hour break.

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