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What is Owner Financing in Real Estate? Find out here or visit our website @ www.GreaterAustinHomes.com Owner Financing or Seller Financing in real estate is where all of the purchase price, less the buyer’s down payment, is carried by the seller. Instead of going to the bank, and in exchange for full legal ownership of the property, the buyer gives a real estate lien note to the seller as evidence of the loan and makes payments to the seller or to a third party servicing company. Even if there is an existing loan on the property, the Seller can still sell with Owner Financing using a wrap around mortgage. Put simply, a wrap around mortgage is a new mortgage that is created on a property that “wraps around” an existing mortgage. There are many benefits that come with Owner Financing as opposed to conventional financing for both the buyer and seller. Sometimes the advantages inure to the benefit of one or the other, but in most cases the transaction is a “Win for both parties. Sellers like Owner Financing, because they can make money upfront, in some cases cash flow monthly and collect the equity when the buyers refinance without all the hassles and liabilities that come with being a landlord. This is also a great tool for home Sellers with little or no equity and is an excellent alternative to short sale or foreclosure. Buyers like Owner Financing, because they are able to purchase their very own home when otherwise they could not. Qualifications are easy, closing costs

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