About Me


I am a real estate investor who loves his ‘job’.  I moved from the Seattle area to Tulsa in late 2008.

In Seattle, my investing was in single family rehabs.  I focused on foreclosure properties that needed quite a bit of work.  As a licensed real estate agent, I was fairly involved in several investment groups and helping other investors find and exit deals.

Now, in Tulsa, I am building a new team.  I am still focused on rehabs, but am including small multifamily units as well as single family houses.  I will also be holding more of these properties to rent.  If you know of a property that needs work, please let me know (you can tell me about the property here).

In addition to properties that I will rehab or rent, I also come across deals that don’t fit for me – either because I will be too busy or they are not in my focus. I make these properties available to folks who have subscribed at MoneyMakingProperties. Later, I will post these deals on the ‘Active Properties’ page of this blog.

I am a licensed real estate agent in Oklahoma.

You can follow me on Twitter ,  FaceBook or email me at TulsaHouseBuyers@gmail.com

I hope you find the information I provide valuable and helpful.

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