Don’t Do Sandwich Lease Options!! Do This Instead!

Don’t Do Sandwich Lease Options!! Don’t do JUST Wholesale Flips! Do this Instead! I explain why here! Much better! 00 chunk cash!

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7 thoughts on “Don’t Do Sandwich Lease Options!! Do This Instead!”

  1. Hi, I give a small amount, then assign the deal for a $5000 fee or more. It is agreed by the Seller and new Tenant Buyer that the $5000 option fee is applied to their option agreement.
    Call me if you are interested. No Charge. 626 318 0599.

  2. @REISkills Thanks for explaining. I’m really interesting in getting into Co-operative lease assignments but I can’t figure out what paperwork to use!!

  3. Do you have your system set up to get profit on the back end when the tenant buyer finally buys from the seller.
    With the assignment, I don’t see a method to collect cash flow every month, but believe there is still a way to profit on the back end?

  4. @californiameltdown $1 dollar or $10 dollar or $100. Just to make it a binding flex option contract. I am not an attorney and I just began my l/o practice so consult your local board. But that is how I do it.

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