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Two houses for only $60k, or make offer. Seller financing!

Two solid houses for sale 3668 & 3670 Vine Street. Both homes are 2 family with 2 bedroom up and 1 bedroom down. We are willing to carry seller financing and open to all offers1

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How can I buy a foreclosure?

I have a trust fund worth ,000 that i get when im 18, and im set on buying a foreclosed home or apartment, but what is the best way i can go about doing this? im planning on paying in full, but will i be taken seriously because im only 18?

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Anthony Chara Cincinnati REIA Apartment Analysis Commercial Investing Workshop

Dear Fellow Real Estate Entrepreneur, Are you fascinated, like I am, by the wealth-building potential of apartment buildings, but not sure how YOU can play? Spend a day learning the nuts and bolts of apartment buying super-cheap . . . Creating Massive Wealth with Apartments (Even if You’ve Never Owned Real Estate) with Anthony Chara Instead of making 000 once or twice a year flipping a house, how would you like to make 000-000 passive income a year, EVERY year for the rest of your life? How would you like to start with less than 00 out of your pocket? Join Anthony Chara on February 12, and learn: • Why you might find apartments EASIER to buy than single family homes • How to figure out what an apartment building is really worth, using real numbers from real deals • How to “speak the language” so you can negotiate with real sellers in the real world • How to buy your first apartment building with little or no cash out of your pocket! About Your Instructor: Anthony Chara is the president of Apartment Mentors, LLC. He’s been investing in real estate since 1993 and apartments since 2004, and owns over 1100 units all over the US You’ll learn more in this 1-day workshop than in many apartment ‘bootcamps’—guaranteed! This Saturday, February 12, from 9 AM—4 PM at the Wingate West Chester, 7500 Tyler’s Place, just off I75 Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: You’ll Agree that this Workshop was Worth 2x the Cost, or Your Money Back! Just 70 Can Attend, and 45 seats are

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Will I ever be able to buy a house again after foreclosure?

So unfortunately my husband and I are going through a foreclosure right now. When the economy started getting bad my husband lost his position and this process started. It’s by far the hardest thing we have ever had to go through…I am so scared that we are never going to have the opportunity to buy another house and that we’re going to be stuck in a rental home or apartment forever. What do you think?

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Can I buy a home after foreclosure?

Okay here’s my situation I am currently separated. When I left my home we had a buyer for the house and were set to go to settlement in 2 weeks. I moved into an apartment. The deal fell through. I found another buyer and that deal is falling through as well. My options are to go back to the house, giving up my apartment, or to let the house go to foreclosure. If I let the house go to foreclosure and subsequently file bankruptcy, how long will I have to wait typically to buy a house?

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Where can I find a home with a lease purchase option in Chicago?

I’m planning on moving into my own place but instead of getting an apartment I would rather move into a home that would allow me to do a lease purchase or rent-to-ownbeing that I am the single parent of a 2 yr. old son and am taking care of my sick father. I just would like to have some research so that I could way my options

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Fully Occupied 12 unit apartment building

This apartment building is now available

12 unit apartment building for sale in Tulsa OK 74112Current rents are $400/mo.  Tenant pays all utilities except water/trash.

This is a great building and a great investment.

Click here to see more details

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