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Discussing Seller Financing – A Video for Real Estate Agents

www.mainstreetnotes.net Main Street Associates, Inc. is a real estate investment firm specializing in the acquisition, management and liquidation of defaulted mortgages and trust deeds as well as distressed real estate. The company facilitates the purchase of non-perfoming mortgage notes at discounted prices. In addition, the company provides management for its own loan portfolio as well as its partnership portfolios. Main Street Associates has created an opportunity for the individual private investor to enjoy the high yields that the secondary market provides as well as the purchase and sale of distressed real estate.

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    Tips for Using Transactional Funding – Real Estate

    www.besttransactionfunding.com – great tips on using transactional funds to close real estate deals and maintain your privacy. Duane Ortega interviews real estate veteran Vena Jones-Cox who shares strategies for using flash funds.

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    What is a Closing?

    DeanDretske.com – In this video, I explain what a ‘closing’ is, the major players involved and some different types of closings. This video came about because I had to do some explaining about how a double closing should work – I thought that it would be useful to share the concepts to a wider audience.

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