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There is a powerful way to buy millions in Real Estate and it is “owner financing.” When you go out to talk to the seller of realestate get them to see this side of the deal. We will share this and more at the Palm Springs event. Change your life and the sellers at the same time.

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    Is it more convenient to rent a house or ” lease to purchase” option?

    What would you recommend? They advised me to look into leasing with the possibility of owning which would be by using part of the money for the rent to pay for the house for a certain period of time. Now, it will be useful to find a place or website where no realtors but owners are involved that offer this option. If you know of anything please let me know. I live in Florida. Any helpful answers will be welcomed.


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    Lease Option, known also as Lease Purchasing, Rent to Own or Leasing with an Option.

    moretimewithmoney.com debtfreeorcashpoor.com renttoownleasepurchase.com Lease Option, known also as Lease Purchasing, Rent to Own How would you like to earn enough money to go on a vacation or better yet how about buying more homes without using your own money? Lease Option, known…

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    If you lease option a house out, who is resposible for the property management and repairs?

    When you lease a house out, with the option to purchase…who is responsible for the repairs and maintenance of the home, the owner or the person leasing who may or may not exercise their option to purchase?

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