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Dominate Preforeclosures.

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    Vena Jones Cox Real Estate Investing

    Our mission here at Capital Area REIA is to bring you the very best in down-to-earth, usable, money-making real estate information in the country at each and every meeting. And at our September 17th meeting, weve outdone ourselves! See, weve arranged for Vena Jones-Cox, AKA The Real Estate Goddess to come all the way from Cincinnati, Ohio to share the deal-finding strategies that have let her buy and sell over 500 properties since 1989. Vena is one of the most in-demand experts in the country. Shes been featured in Smart Money Magazine, Readers Digest, USA Today, Money, and dozens of other books and publications, and has taught literally thousands of regular folks all over the country how to achieve their financial goals through real estate investing. Best of all, Vena is a real-life investor who explains exactly, step-by-step, how to make money in real estate. At our Thursday Septembr 17th meeting, shes going to tell us how she gets 35-50 calls EVERY WEEK from motivated sellers begging her to buy their houses—and how you can, too.

    Similar Stories