Tony Robbins On Money – Master The Game On 2015

Tony Robbins On Money – Master The Game On 2015 Anthony Robbins on how to get the best out of the new year. HELP US TRANSLATE THIS VIDEO (Hope I did this right …

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    8 thoughts on “Tony Robbins On Money – Master The Game On 2015”

    1. Biggest thing I took from this is we are alL capable of Success, not only
      financially,but mentally,spiritually,etc. Being a caring person is never
      the wrong way;what’s wrong is being selfish. Its amazing how Tony Robbins
      is massi Ely successful, whilst being himself at all times. You would say
      “he was born to do this!” but no,he conditioned himself and prepared
      himself to do this and most importantly, executed his plans and knew his
      outcome. Most influential human being in the world! I’ve made a promise to
      myself and to my husband, I will MEET this man one day and i will be a
      guest speaker at one of his events to tell a story of my journey. A journey
      Tony is actually guiding. I can’t wait!

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